FAA Medicals Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 and ATC-EE

Dr. Richardson completed his FAA AME course in 2018 and is taking new patients for this important exam.  We know what it means to you to have a fair exam. He is a senior AME.


**We advise you to complete your MedXpress, and bring in a copy of it to your exam.  Having a copy in hand is critical to enabling Dr. Richardson to help you in the most efficient way possible, and avoid delays.  Informing the office in advance of any Special Issuances or conditions that require specific attention is also a critical part of ensuring a seamless issuance.


**What are the advantages of going to an ophthalmologist? There are very few ill (communicable disease) patients in the waiting room and exam lanes, and vision is the most complex part of the exam.  Eye MD's have all of the gizmos!  We don't rely on automated machines to test your eye alignment and vision.


**Why Georgetown?  Easy 15 minute drive from Cynthiana, Paris, Lexington, and Frankfort.  Convenient to I-75 and  I-64.  Easy parking and minimal hassle. 


**Pricing is dependent on complexity of the exam, so fair to all.  Class 3's start at $110 and Class 2's start at $130 and Class 1's start at $150.  EKG is $50.  Any Special Issuances or CACI adds $20/ea.




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